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What breaks down/degrades uric acid crystals.

Hi, I’m a complete and utter novice, so I’ll thank you for your patience in advance. 
Struggling with a geriatric dog having accidents, it’s costing me a fortune in so called wonder enzyme products, and the carpet still smells, this is apparently due to either bacteria, (I think I’ve killed those off sufficiently) or due to uric acid crystals not being broken down and apparently reactivated once humidity or more water gets into the carpet. Hence my question, so what would break down these uric acid crystals to prevent further smells.? 
would it be as simple as ph of the cleaner? Acidic or string base?  
‘preferring something non toxic so that we aren’t all breathing it in, especially for low down creatures. 
Will probably remove the carpet anyway, however the problem will remain if I can’t work out a cheap effective way to treat the issue. 
‘thanks so much for your time and any answers that come my way! X 

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Re: What breaks down/degrades uric acid crystals.

I don't know about the specific chemistry that may be involved, BUT I have had excellent results treating both the color and odor of dog urine on carpeting using a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and hydrogen peroxide.  There is a commercial formulation of it that works very well.  I forgot the name because once I read the ingredients I just obtained my own alcohol and peroxide and mixed it up myself for about 25% of the commercial cost.  There are "recipes" available on the Internet.

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