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What is "Solvent free" reaction ???? funny term or fact???.....

I always get irritated reading research papers on organic transformations so called "solvent free"??

First i want to say that organic reaction should have molecular interaction which after undergo reaction.

Now question is here if you dont use solvent in the reaction how they(molecules) will interact properly with each other in such reactions????

After all for isolation of product there should be need of solvent then how it will be solvent free?????

Are such type of reactions are helpful for the Process and Technology development?????

or this term is only for paper writing and getting publication????

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Re: What is "Solvent free" reaction ???? funny term or fact???.....

Yes, there is such a thing as solvent-free reaction systems. By performing a reaction "neat," you can eliminate any potential interference by the solvent on the reaction. You may also seek out a solvent-free system to remove a As you surmised, it can impact the kinetics of the reaction.

Homogeniety is achieved the same way for a solvent-free system as for a system with solvent--vigorous stirring.

I don't know how frequently industry uses solvent-free systems in production, but I've worked with quite a few in R&D.