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Zirconium Versus Zirconium Carbide For Use With Galinstan

I'm planning on working with galinstan, for one of my projects.  It's a non-toxic alternative to mercury.  I need a conductor that can be immersed in the galinstan, indefinitely, without being corroded.

I've learned that zirconium carbide has excellent chemical resistance, when it comes to galinstan. However, no one seems to sell it in the form of a wire. On the contrary, it is possible to buy zirconium wire.

Does anyone know whether or not zirconium has the same, or similar, chemical resistance traits as zirconium carbide? If not, is anyone aware of any other metals, that can be bought in sheets or wires, that don't react with galinstan?

Thanks for your time. I look forward to any advice, or guidance, that anyone is willing to provide.

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