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hot liquids


Thanks for letting me join 

I hope we have a long friendship 

I am remaking a puja clock

I am using Methylene Chloride to make it wind itself 

As you see it needs a heater to keep it moving 

I'm hoping there is a liquid chemical  I can put in a copper tube that will stay hot indefinitely so I dont have to use a  battery  to make the Methylene Chloride keep the clock winding 


The Methylene Chloride is about 32c so the liquid in the copper tube would have to be hottet then that meaning when i touch the copper tube the copper tube would have to be hotter then 32c also 

I've been told if I put certain chemicals in a sealed copper tube that the tube will explode because the copper causes too much heat which I presume means the tube gets hot 


It would help a lot if I could use a liquid to make the heat instead of a battery powered heater

Thanks for letting me ask and 

Thanks for letting me join 


If for whatever reason I lose contact please email me at 


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