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CCEW 2019 theme ideas

CCEW 2019 theme ideas

Please feel free to add your own theme ideas and/or add potential activities that could be appropriate for the themes suggested below:

In no particular order:

"ChemisTree" (with appropriate name change)

- Plant trees on campus and in communities

- Paper with wildflower seeds embedded (General Mills / Cheerios)

Cleaner Water through Chemistry

- Filtration demo (activitiy - sand + salt dissolved in water, send through coffee filter, evaporate water)

- oxidation of contaminants (does 3% hydrogen peroxide react with food coloring?)

Breaking it Down:  The Chemistry of Earth-Friendly Products

- Biodegradable materials

Fireflies to Fire Ants:  Chemistry Gone Buggy

- Pheromones

- Luciferase

- Insect repellents



- Recycling process

- Homemade recycled paper from newspaper or other sources (could also explore bleaching this pulp using household hydrogen peroxide (3%)

- Origami molecules? (Could be difficult)

- Homemade pH paper using red cabbage juice and/or turmeric powder (goldenrod paper)

- Paper with wildflower seeds embedded (General Mills / Cheerios)

- Paper airplanes?

- Paper boats with different types of paper and/or coatings (wax paper, parchment paper, newspaper)

- Paper chromatography (could this be done with scents in addition to colors?)

- Paper and wax microfluidic devices


- Electromagnetic spectrum, solar spectrum

- Climate change/global warming connection

- Sunscreens and UV radiation - observe effect on bleaching of dyes on construction paper