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Science Fair Judges

Science Fair Judges

Science Fair Judges - Travis Early College High School


Hello all,


This is an opportunity to volunteer to judge the Travis ECHS virtual Science Fair on January 20, 2021. 


 Please register to judge through the Judge Google Survey Link


Teachers are still working on the format, but  basically, judges will talk to 4-5 students about their projects over the course of about two hours. They will spend about 15 minutes per project- 10 minutes talking to students about their projects (letting students explain their work) and asking them questions, and another five filling out the score card. Judges will be provided with a google form that they will use to score projects and leave comments. Judges will travel in pairs interviewing students and they will have a few minutes to finish the score form before moving on to the next interview.


If you have any questions about the virtual Science Fair, please contact Katye Howell, Science Department Chair and Instructional Specialist, Biology PLC lead and Teacher at 512.943.2206,

{This opportunity was presented to us by : }



Diana Zake

Travis ECHS PTSA, Treasurer

(512) 565-0450