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About Chattanooga

About Chattanooga

About Us

The section was chartered as the Southeast Tennessee Section in 1937.  J. H. Barnett, Jr. was the first Chair.  The name was changed to the Chattanooga Section in 1945.

Currently we are classified as a medium-small section with approximately 250 members.  Some 36% of our members hold Ph.D.'s, 14% have masters and 55% bachelors degrees.  72% are chemistry majors, 7% are chemical engineers, and 13% have other majors.  The largest areas of employment are manufacturing (38%), academia (24%), and government (5%).  By field of interest or work function our members list themselves as polymer chemist (10%), analytical chemist (9%), organic chemist (7%), and environmental chemist (4%). 

More information concerning the history of the section is available here.