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Electronic Dissemination of Meeting Content Taskforce - update

FYI, below is the update we received from the" Electronic dissemination of meeting content" Taskforce.

Update for Committees and Divisions

2010 EDMC Task Force

San Francisco National Meeting

March 2010

[This document is intended to update ACS governance bodies meeting in San Francisco on the recent activities of the 2010 EDMC task force].

As you may know, the Board Committee on Professional and Member Relations (P&MR) established the 2010 Electronic Dissemination of Meeting Content Task Force to make recommendations regarding policies around the Society’s efforts to make meeting content available online.

The task force held its first meeting on March 5-6, 2010. Some of the preliminary findings emerging from that meeting:

·         We expect to record and post 300 presentations from each of the two national meetings this year, with the number increasing in 2011 to 300 - 500 per meeting.

·         The San Francisco online content will be accessible for that meeting’s registrants on April 16, and will be available to all members on April 30.

·         Starting possibly as soon as with online content related to the Boston national meeting, we tentatively plan to focus on this content as a member benefit that would be available to non-members for a fee.

·         We are working on a way to identify the 300-500 presentations for online posting that will permit both the larger Society’s interests to be achieved, as well as those of the individual divisions. We think it is important for both groups to have input into the meeting content that ultimately gets posted online.

·         Returning to the larger work of this task force, we are working on developing a number of discrete policy recommendations for ACS governance review and input, and expect to distribute them before the end of 2010.

·         In the meantime, if you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please direct them to Kevin Edgar. His e-mail is


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