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Journal of Combinatorial Chemistry will become ACS COMBINATORIAL SCIENCE in 2011


I am placing a more formal announcement on CHM-INF momentarily but I wanted to give everyone a heads up that this change, while officially for 2011, is now showing up on the website, in C&EN, and in other venues. We are formally announcing the name/scope change next week and we'll include FAQs.

In terms of renewals, please know that this relaunch does NOT effect your renewal discussions. ACS Combinatorial Science is not a new product and, in fact, will stay on your invoices as Journal of Combinatorial Chemistry to avoid confusion.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me or your account managers at

Hope you're all well and enjoying the end of summer!



S. Sara Rouhi
Associate Manager, Library Relations | ACS Publications
1155 16th St., NW | Washington | DC 20036

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