New Issue of the Chemical Information Bulletin (Volume 64, Number 4: Winter 2012)

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On behalf of the Winter 2012 Chemical Information Bulletin edotor:

"The new issue (Volume 64, Number 4: Winter 2012) of the Chemical Information Bulletin is available at the CINF website at: The issue features reports from the 2012 Fall ACS National Meeting in Philadelphia, PA. In this issue: Letter from the Chair Award Announcements CINF Technical Program Highlights: An Interview with Rachelle Beinstock Science and the Law: Analytical Data in Support of Regulation in Health, Food and Environment Hunting for Hidden Treasurers: Chemical Information in Patents and Other Documents Cheminformatics and Drug Repurposing Future of the History of Chemical Information Herman Skolnik Award Symposium Honoring Henry Rzepa and Peter Murray-Rust Global Opportunities in Chemical Information Legal, Patent, and Digital Rights Management in Publishing Before and After Lab: Instructing Students in ‘Non Chemical’ Research Skills Multidisciplinary Program Planning Group CINF Communications and Publications Committee CINF Education Committee ACS Council Council Committee on Nomenclature, Terminology and Symbols Joint Board-Council Committee on Publications CINF Social Networking Events.

"Sincerely, Svetlana Korolev, editor"