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See you in Boston!

I am looking forward to seeing all of you in Boston. Fall ACS is always highlighted by the Skolnik symposium and reception. Tony Hopfinger is our honoree this year - and we will all be able to congratulate him in person at the reception on Tue evening.  I also can't wait to hear our luncheon speaker, Michael Capuzzo, who will speak to us on Tuesday about the Vindoq society in Philly, solving cold murder cases.  I hear his book is climbing the the NY Times non-fiction best seller list.  I will have tickets available for sale ($15/ea) - so if you don't have your ticket already, no worries. 

Thre is so much more to look forward to, i can't list it all here.  Please check out the eCIB ( for details on the programing, social events and more.  

Gotta get packed.  See you all soon,  --Carmen

Carmen Nitsche

CINF Division Chair

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