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Disposing of Household Hazardous Wastes

From Jim Shoffner:

Traditionally, the IL EPA has held collection days at sites all over the state. I have on several occasions gone and joined a long line, usually a few miles from my home to get rid of waste. Usually, I would be responding to a notice in the local paper as to time and place. I noted that we had not seen any invitations of that sort for some time, so I called the state and found out about it.

I found out that the state no longer holds those kind of "you-all come" invitational events. They do have sites - presumably - all over the state - where you can take your waste and leave it. See below for the locations and contact information for sites in the Chicago area. I think we ought to be aware of this, whether we have any waste to dipose of personally or not.  And most of us will have some disposable waste at sometime or other.

Acceptable Wastes

Collection Locations

Naperville, Rockford, Chicago

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