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Making Sure Your Site is Found

Community Manager
Community Manager
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With the pending shutdown of the service with (*, many folks have moved or relaunched their website.  We have some hints as to what you can/should do in terms of making sure your new website is found. 

  • Make sure that links to your website are correct. These include:
    • Links printed in your newsletter or in any emails that you send out. 
    • Links on - check the link for your site on the page of local sections, technical divisions, etc. . In addition, check the results when you search for your group on the site as well. If either of these is showing an incorrect URL, please send an email to to get it updated. 

    • Once set up, a shortcut URL can be used and repointed as you migrate your website to different locations. If you are finding that the URL of your new site is too long or if you are on a temporary solution, you may want to request a shortcut URL ( You may request this shortcut by sending an email to Please be sure to include where this new URL should resolve 

  • Finally, check the search engines. If your old site is still coming up, you may need to submit your new site URL. Tools to do this changed in 2018, so it is not as easy as it used to be. Many sites suggest submitting a sitemap. . 

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