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General Functions in the ACS Network

General Functions in the ACS Network

Below is a general overview of ACS Network spaces. Listed are differences between forums and groups, tiles and widgets, and categories and tags.

Types of Network Spaces

Forums (Spaces)
Can be made public, restricted, or privateCan be made public or restricted to certain users
Private groups require members to be invited to access the spaceRestricted forums can grant permission to users to access the space
No additional branching of groups is availableSubforums can be created within a main forum (nesting)

*see Members & Permissions for examples of each

Tools for Designing a Network Space

Available on Activity and additional Pages createdAvailable on an Overview page
Able to be used across multiple pagesGreater opportunity for manipulating page layout
Super List tool useful in displaying very specific types of contentFormatted Text tool useful in displaying stylized text
More specialized tools availableTools are more flexible, easy to manipulate

Ways to Organize Network Content

Content can belong to multiple categoriesContent can carry multiple tags
Must be created before being applied to contentCan be applied to content at any time
Can be displayed on pages within a spaceCannot be displayed anywhere on a page
Specific to a group or forumCan be used anywhere across the Network
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