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ACS POD Shorts

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One of top reasons people attend our national meetings is to exchange information. To enhance this information exchange, DAC is working with staff to conduct its first extensive experiment with a new product called ACS POD Shorts.

In essence, an ACS POD Short is a 3-5 minute video summary of a full-length presentation delivered at an ACS national meeting. Participating presenters use the limited amount of video time to share what they think their fellow scientists most need to know about their presentation.

Participating presenters, who in Denver will number about 50, may include slides as part of the POD Short to help illustrate their talk. Presenters may record and review their presentation, doing several “takes” in our ‘studio’ that will be located in the Colorado Convention Center.

Presenters can talk, present in a regular format with slides, a combination of both, or even conduct a question and answer with a colleague.  Presenter participation is completely optional, and accepted video presentations will be promoted alongside the full-length ACS Presentations on Demand, which ACS has been posting since the 2009 Salt Lake National Meeting.

Why experiment with ACS POD Shorts? It’s possible people who can’t or don’t want to contribute a full-length ACS POD may prefer this shorter version, which provides them with more control over what they share in a recorded format. It’s also possible that many may prefer to watch a shorter version of an ACS national meeting presentation (the 2014 average viewing time for the full-length POD videos was 3:46). Finally, ACS POD Shorts can be produced at a fraction of the cost of a full-length ACS POD.

In late April, you will find the ACS POD Shorts posted alongside the full-length ACS Presentations on Demand. You will, that is, if you are an ACS member, because this content is a member benefit.

DAC will update you on this experiment in the next version of the DAC Newsletter, which will be distributed prior to the Boston National Meeting.

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