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2017 Elections

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Dear ECI Members,


The nomination period for our 2017 election is now open. All positions are listed below with a short description of responsibilities. If you wish to nominate yourself or a colleague for an open position, please send an email to by Sunday, October 23rd and include a short (<1000 character) description of the candidate and their qualifications.

Past Chair (1 year term, chair becomes past-chair) - CLOSED

  • Continuing appointment: Kali Miller
  • Head of recruiting committee
  • Awards Coordinator
  • File Annual Report for year in office

Chair (1 year term, chair-elect becomes chair) - CLOSED

  • Continuing appointment: B.K. Sharma
  • Serve as spokesperson for the local section
  • Direct section activities
  • Oversee section governance and executive committee activities
  • Make standing committee appointments

Chair-Elect (1 year term, 3 year commitment) - OPEN

  • ECI Nominee: Austin Cyphersmith
  • Represent the section at the ACS Leadership Institute
  • Serve as Program Chair for planning all section events
  • Host invited speakers
  • Recruit volunteers

Treasurer (1 year term) - OPEN

  • ECI Nominee: Laura Sonnichsen
  • Account for all section money and maintain accurate records
  • Prepare budget report for each executive meeting
  • Request allotment payment from Society and member/affiliate dues collection
  • File IRS forms and annual financial report
  • Write reimbursement checks
  • Oversee yearly funding requests and reports for affiliated groups

Councilor (3 year term, next election in 2018) - CLOSED

  • Continuing appointment: Amy Nicely
  • Represent section at national ACS Council meetings
  • Report actions of Council to section (at meetings, on website, etc.)
  • Approve local section annual report
  • Serve as archivist

Alternate Councilor (3 year term, next election in 2018) - CLOSED

  • Continuing appointment: Ellen Keiter
  • Serve in the absence of the Councilor

Secretary (1 year term) - OPEN

  • ECI Nominee: none
  • Maintain membership lists/records and group emails
  • Correspond with local section membership using Real Magnet
  • Assist chair and councilor to compile the annual report materials

Webmaster (1 year term) - OPEN

  • ECI Nominee: none
  • Manage the section calendar, ACS Network blog, and social media accounts
  • Update website (HTML experience suggested, but not required)
  • Publish newsletter each semester

Thank you for your participation!