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A Decision to Make Regarding Transfer

I am currently a sophomore pursuing the ACS-Certified B.S. at the University of Connecticut. However, I have just applied for transfer to the following schools: New York University, Connecticut College, and Wesleyan University.

My question is: out of these three, does anything in particular stand out about one of them? I am trying to decide between the three, and I have been researching/comparing their Chemistry programs for several months now. ConnColl and NYU seem to have the best research opportunities. I just thought I would post in the forum to see if anyone had any thoughts on them/their programs.

Thank you very much,


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Re: A Decision to Make Regarding Transfer

Hi Ben,

As a first year grad student, what I've found about particular programs is that it's not necessarily that the school makes you stand out, but it is what you do in school that makes you stand out. You should go to which ever school is more financially sound for you, and the school that has the research you're most interested in. If you're planning on going to grad school after you graduate, you will find that everything is very research orientated. Becoming involved with and getting to know names and people in your area of interest should be priority.

I was involved with the my school's chapter Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society, along with another another group, I did research and completed an internship. All these made me a decent candidate to get into a couple different schools for graduate work.

In short, I would look at the research and go to the school that you are interested in the most. Don't worry about the name much. If all the programs are ACS certified, they follow the same sort of curriculum.

Best of luck to you!