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Bring Your Child to Work

On April 23, ACS hosted it’s annual “Bring Your Child to Work Day Celebration.”  Over 50 children participated in a day-long series of hands-on activities, chemical demonstrations, poster sessions, etc. The event is just one way that ACS fulfills the Society’s goal to “be the leader in communicating to the general public the nature and value of chemistry and the related sciences. 

How does your company/institution celebrate bring your child to work day?

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Re: Bring Your Child to Work

If you didn't notice, we also created a website which summarized some of the things we did with links, pictures, and videos. We even have links to some science resources,

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Re: Bring Your Child to Work

I was one of the organizers of Bring Your Child to Work Day 2009 at ACS in Washington. I've been involved in the event here for years and I have to say that each year we learn a little more and do a little better job planning a fun and education program for the kids. This year's program was very well received.

This year, we had an 11-person planning committee who met weekly since January, with the excpetion of the month of March when getting ready for the ACS meeting is the top priority. There were also more than 40 presenters and volunteers who had a role in the program. It was a huge effort with many employees sharing their time and talents.

Last year, I received a number of phone calls and e-mails from chemists who said that they were asked to conduct hands-on activities with the kids or do demos for them. They were looking for activity and demonstration ideas. If you are looking for ideas of ways to get the kids who visit your workplace on the Fourth Thursday in April or any other time of the year excited about science, contact the Kids & Chemistry office at ACS at I'll be happy to help you with activity and program ideas.

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