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Chem 1025 & 1045 Free program to help naming and balancing equations

From:  George W.J. Kenney, Jr, MS Organic Chemistry, ACS Member over 30 years

Free Computer Program to help with Chemistry 1025 & 1045

As a 30+ year ACS member, former Analytical Chemist with Eastman Kodak in Rochester, NY and a former Professor of Chemistry, I've come across some of the problems students have with Chem 1.  These courses include Chem 1025 or High School Chemistry and Chem 1045 or First Year College Chemistry.  I have developed a computer program to help students in some of these problem areas.  The areas that are covered with this program include:

            Name -> Structure

            Structure -> Name

            Balancing Equations

            Determining Reaction Products

            Complete Reactions

This program is available on my web page at no cost at:


It currently has a two month timer whereby the students are then encouraged to download an up-to-date version, also for free. 

After teaching General College Chemistry for three years, I've found students have problems studying the particular areas covered by this program.  The program presents problems to the students at various levels of complexity.  Their input is examined and errors pointed out.  Reasons for the particular answer is also presented [ ion charges, etc ]. 

The program was developed for the student studying by themselves at times when there is no one else available to answer their questions or to grade their answer.  It is particularly suited for the 2:00 am crash study method.

My background includes an MS in Organic Chemistry, 15+ years of real-time embedded software experience and several years of military simulator software development using Visual Studio C++, 3 years of teaching General Chemistry at a local college.

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