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Computers help students with Chem 1025 & 1045

George W.J. Kenney, Jr

AA, BS, MS Organic Chemistry

15 years as an Analytical Chemist with Eastman Kodak in Roch, NY

20 years as a high tech Computer Software Wiz Bang on classified government projects

3 years as Professor of Chemistry teaching Chem 1025 and 1045

After spending a few years teaching College level Chem 1, I’ve found one of the big obstacles for students is understanding Naming in General Chemistry.  I’ve taken the past year to write a computer program in Visual Studio to help students with Name to Structure and Structure to Name that they can use at home.  The program is capable of handling various books ions, various levels of complexity and repeatable or random presentation.  With an incorrect answer, the program’s AI Engine will interpret [ or attempt to ] the students response and tell them where it is wrong.  The student can then click on “Show Why” button and the rules for that particular name/structure are given.


I am continuing to update the program and post versions that are good for one month.  I am currently working on improving the AI Engine for student response interpretation.

My long term goal is to provide a program that students can use at home at any time to practice General Chemistry Naming where their responses are interpreted and the answers given for why they may be incorrect.  I will continue to develop this program into chemical reactions, balancing equations, adding weights of compounds etc.

Questions, comments and suggestions are appreciated:

George W.J. Kenney, Jr

The Irishman

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