Demo - Statistics from Experiments

Demo - Statistics from Experiments

I have created a video to demonstrate statistics when doing experimental measurements and a package to explore the ideas interactively. One motivation was a realization that students in (undergraduate) chemistry labs had some difficulty to put the concepts of accuracy and precision in to perspective and use. This was especially true in relation to how these concepts fit with the ideas of probability distribution curves and confidence testing (student t-Tests). The objective of the demonstration is to bring life to the concepts.

Data Statistics Example v1.png

The demonstration is available as a package using Igor Pro. Igor Pro can be downloaded for free. It runs for one month as a full-featured demo. After that, it runs in restricted mode. Printing and saving are disabled. Wave metrics provides a reduced price for an academic department site license for students to use in courses (not research).

A video of the demonstration is available at this link.

The Igor Pro Package is available at this link.

I hope this content may find some use for those who may have faced the same problems I did. Feedback and suggestions would certainly be appreciated.

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