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Is the Chemistry Ambassadors Newsletter still being published?

Is the Chemistry Ambassadors Newsletter still being published? Mine from Nancy McCormick-Pickett stopped arriving mid year. I'm heavily involved in science outreach and loved the support. Thanks.

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Re: Is the Chemistry Ambassadors Newsletter still being published?

Hi Bill! Thanks for asking about this, as I suspect it has been confusing for many ACS members. The Chemistry Ambassador Newsletter is no longer going out. However, you will find similar information in the Outreach Newsletter. Sign up by going to this page and scrolling down to the bottom blue rectangle that says "Stay Informed." Enter your e-mail address and we will send you information about outreach. Most if it has to do with the National Chemistry Week and Chemists Celebrate Earth Week campaigns, however we do work to include other ACS outreach opportunities such as Science Coaches and organizing the exam for the Chemistry Olympiad. Feel free to contact me and the rest of my outreach colleagues through the ACS Network or directly at 

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