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Need an Advice!


This Hanouf. I'm undergraduate chemistry student. Actually,I need a hint to buy chemistry books. But I want an advice to figure out what's the best book for an independent chemist. So, would you mind to suggest some please?

Here is my list:

Kinetics chemistry

Complex elements/coordination

Organic chemistry heterocyclic compounds

I need books that I can move on alone with no help from teachers.

What do you think?!

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Re: Need an Advice!

OK, I can't speak for organic or kinetics (ACS President Elect Francisco almost killed me in kinetics in graduate school), but if you really want to learn Coord. Chemistry, give a look at Kettle's book Physical Inorganic Chemistry...  It is an in depth treatment of CC, a good intro is Meislerr and Tarr, but Kettle is a real step up...


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Re: Need an Advice!

On n'obtient jamais les renseignements voulus. Mais en ce temps, c'est différente. Vous faites beaucoup de moi.

Merci, merci beaucoup!


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