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New Chemistry Learning Game Under Development and We're Looking for Great Teachers!

Wouldn’t it be great to have a learning game to use in your chemistry class that was more than a memory drill, but actually helped your student’s to build a deeper understanding of chemistry?

Our team at PlayMada Games is developing that game right now and needs your help! We are looking for high school chemistry teachers who are passionate about science, about teaching science, and about engaging their students to serve on our Teacher Advisory Panel.

Our goal is to make chemistry come alive as a fun and meaningful subject, and not a compilation of memory drills or lab simulations. To make sure we’re doing so in the most helpful and effective ways, we’d like to hear from the experiences and perspectives of excellent teachers in the field. You’ll be able to consult with us on design questions and even test components of the game before our first product release.

For more details about the Teacher Advisory Panel, please email our Pedagogy Director, Edward Wang, at

If you have any questions, would like to join our mailing list, or are interested in play-testing the game with your classes even if not serving on the Teacher Advisory Panel, please email our Pedagogy Director. If you know any chemistry teachers who you think would be interested, please feel free to forward this.

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