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Samford Univ. REU: Please encourage undergraduate students to apply!

Samford Univ. REU: Please encourage undergraduate students to apply!

Please encourage undergraduate students to apply!

Samford Research Experience for Undergraduates in Biology and Chemistry: Explore the world of research and develop your scientific skills.

With funding from the National Science Foundation, the 2016 Samford University REU program will offer hands-on, field- and laboratory-based research experiences to US undergraduates. In this 9-week residential experience, students will work one-on-one with experienced researchers in biology and chemistry to design, conduct, and present research related to the chemistry, genetics, and ecology of organisms, populations, and communities of Oak Mountain State Park, a large and diverse suburban park located in the southern Appalachians.  Potential research topics include plant and animal ecology, microbiology, fire ecology, water quality, biochemistry, plant and fungal natural products chemistry and bioactivity, plant taxonomy, and aquatic community ecology.

Quick Facts

Application Deadline: February 24, 2017

Program Timeline: May 29–July 29, 2017

• $525 per week stipend

• Travel, room, board and research expenses covered

• 12 students will be accepted into the program

Reasons to Apply

• Explore the worlds of field and laboratory research

• Explore your career opportunities as a working scientist

• Work closely with expert scientists to develop your own project

•             Develop your understanding of scientific ethics and social justice

• Spend the summer at Oak Mountain State Park, Alabama’s largest state park

Application Process

All application materials should be submitted electronically to

Deadline: February 24, 2017

Students must be US citizens or Permanent Residents and have completed two years of undergraduate study by May, 2017, including one year of college-level biology.  Students must be enrolled in an undergraduate program at accredited institutions in the United States at the time the REU program is held. Please submit:

• Application Form

• Transcripts

• Letters of Recommendation

• Personal Statement

For more information, go to or email

R. Malia Fincher, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Samford University

Department of Biological and Environmental Science

800 Lakeshore Drive

Birmingham, Alabama35229


Fax 205-726-2479

Office 133 Propst Hall

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