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CALL FOR NOMINATIONS - Doctoral Thesis Award - ACS Division of Fluorine Chemistry

CALL FOR NOMINATIONS - Doctoral Thesis Award - ACS Division of Fluorine Chemistry

CALL FOR NOMINATIONS - ACS Division of Fluorine Chemistry
Doctoral Thesis Award

Call for Nominations, Deadline Sept 1, 2021

The ACS Division of Fluorine Chemistry Doctoral Thesis Award acknowledges an outstanding doctoral student each year for excellence in conjunction with her/his doctoral research in any area of fluorine chemistry. The doctoral thesis may be written in any language. The Doctoral Thesis Award will be given to a worthy candidate regardless of the candidate’s nationality and country from which the thesis originated. The doctoral student must be nominated by the student’s doctoral supervisor. The nominating supervisor must hold concurrent memberships in the American Chemical Society and the ACS Division of Fluorine Chemistry.

The nomination must include (1) an electronic copy of the thesis, (2) an English abstract of the thesis, and (3) a nomination letter from her/his supervisor that (a) provides the date of the thesis defense, (b) a statement relating to the significance and (c) the quality of the student’s the doctoral research work, and (d) a list of publications that have thus far resulted from the student’s doctoral research work.

The nomination deadline is September 1 of the year in which the award is presented; the student must have successfully defended the doctoral thesis during the preceding 12 months (Sept 1 of the previous award year to August 31 of the present award year) to be eligible for the award in that year. Students who defend after Sept 1 are eligible for the Award in the following year. All nominations must be submitted electronically to Michael Gerken, the Chair of the ACS Division of Fluorine Chemistry:

The awardee will receive (1) a certificate, (2) one-year registration as a full ACS and ACS Division of Fluorine Chemistry member, (3) an invitation to present a lecture at the next ACS Winter Fluorine Conference, and (4) a cash award of $300 US. In the event the student is already an ACS Member (and/or an ACS Division of Fluorine Chemistry Member), the membership fee(s) will be added to the cash award.