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New from the GC3: Safer Chemistry Training for Businesses


The Green Chemistry & Commerce Council Education Group is proud to announce the launch of the Safer Chemistry Training for Businesses. This free online curriculum is comprised of educational webinars, ranging from introductory to advanced, and supplemental reading materials. While the material has been developed with a business audience in mind, we hope that other groups, such as technical assistance providers and students, will also benefit from this foundation in green chemistry.

The Safer Chemistry Training was developed in response to our member companies' needs for education of their employees and supply chains in various aspects of green chemistry. It is a direct outcome of the GC3 Policy Statement on Green Chemistry Education, which calls on businesses and academic institutions to support and implement green chemistry training in order to fulfill societal and industrial needs.

The Safer Chemistry Training for Businesses is designed to be tailored to the specific needs of the learner’s job description and experience; the number of webinars watched and duration of training can be altered as needed.  For example, a purchaser trying to understand new corporate sustainability initiatives might only watch a few, whereas a chemist new to green chemistry might want to watch 5 or 6.

View the complete list of educational webinars here. Additional training webinars are planned and will be added to the Safer Chemistry Training in the coming months. Sign up for the GC3 newsletter to be notified of new additions.

If you have questions or feedback, feel free to contact Saskia van Bergen at Please share this resource with others who might be interested.

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