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A Great New Way To Find "Your Stuff"

A Great New Way To Find "Your Stuff"

screenshot.jpgThere’s a lot of great content on the ACS Network. So much so that at times finding your favorite information can be difficult.  We’re making it easier for you to track the content that matters most to you by introducing a new feature: Your Stuff.

Your Stuff will be your go-to place to find the groups you belong to or manage, the content you've created, and anything else that you want to find easily. We've pre-populated it with links to Your Groups and Your Content, but you can add up to ten other shortcuts--just hit the Edit link and enter the information. Unlike Bookmarks, these links are just for you.

If you have ideas for other shortcuts that you think users would find useful, please let us know.


That is great!  Thanks for reducing the number of clicks needed to get to our groups.


That is really useful.  When it first went up I did not see my groups and content there, but after waiting a bit - I see that it is there.  As someone who missed seeing "my stuff" after the redesign, I think that little tweak will really be welcomed by others that missed a similar function in the old design.



Previous Community Member

This is terrific. It makes it much easier and faster. Really appreciate it!


Thanks for highlighting this useful feature.  One other item folks might want to know.  The process to add another item to "your stuff" is striaghtforward, but it does require you to have the "url" you want to point to available.

So if you would like to add something to this list, visit that spot first on the ACS and copy the URL.



How about adding 'My Favorites'. While reviewing the ACS literature, I frequently add citations to My Favorites and later return to download them. I seem to constantly struggle finding My Favorites other than getting there via a journal website.