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ACS Network Upgrade - August 22, 2014 - FAQs

ACS Network Upgrade - August 22, 2014 - FAQs

On Friday, August 22, starting at noon EDT, the ACS Network will be unavailable as we upgrade the system.  We believe that the Network will be unavailable most of the afternoon.  We appreciate your support and patience as we work to continue to improve this platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we upgrading?

The ACS Network is on a licensed platform from Jive Software. With the evolution of social collaboration tools, Jive is constantly updating their software. In order to maintain support, we are required to upgrade.

What are the major changes we will see with the upgrade?

The biggest change we will see with this upgrade are in the profiles. The entire layout has been updated to display more relevent information. 

In addition, your education, experience, and publications information has been moved into an online curriculum vitae.  We are excited to present your content this way and feel it is a significant improvement. You may access your curriculum vitae or that of any other user by going to that user's profile page. This functionality may not be available immediately after we finish the upgrade but should be fully in place by Monday, August 25. 

Is anything going away?

As the ACS Network and the platform that supports it matures, we have found that very few people use "My Links".  This functionality will disappear with the upgrade.

What other new things will I see?

You may notice other changes in functionality.

  • All Groups and Forums will now be able to have an image at the top of their Overview pages. The default is a red image but can be changed out by the group owners.  There is a library of images and colors, or a custom image may be updated. Owner should know that the system will overlay a grey gradient on top of a custom image to make sure the group navigation is legible.

  • A new social sharebar for sharing content on social sites.

  • Apps and Projects are now both available. Stay tuned for a tutorial on how to use them.

Anything else I should keep in mind?

We think this is an improvement to the ACS Network but we also know that software this complex may have new bugs.  We encourage you to ask questions or report issues in our Help Forum.