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Accepting an invitation to a private or secret group

Accepting an invitation to a private or secret group

You may receive an email inviting you to join a private or secret group on the ACS Network.  This email serves as a notification that you have been invited and contains the URL for the group.  There is nothing special about this email, so you may access your invite in a couple different ways.

1. When you login on the ACS Network, you will see your name and a small yellow circle with a number in it. If you click on this circle, you will be taken to an area where you can see your inbox. Your inbox will allow you to accept the invitation and go to this group.


Once you click on this, your inbox looks like this:


2. You may also go straight to the group. If you are logged in, the system will recognize you and once you are in the group, you just click on Join this group.


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