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Accessing the ACS Network from a Mobile Device

Accessing the ACS Network from a Mobile Device

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In today’s fast-paced world, we recognize the importance of being able to access the ACS Network when you are not at your computer. The technology to support mobile access is changing rapidly, and so here are our recommendations for accessing the ACS Network (as of August 2016).

  1. The ACS Network displays well on tablets with most functionality available. On some platforms, notably iPads, flash-based functionality is not available and includes previewing uploaded documents.
  2. Mobile App(s): JiveSoftware, the vendor which supports the ACS Network, offers native apps for both iOS and Android devices. To find the native apps, go to your apps store and search "Jive Software".
  • In the Android store, you may see several apps. Choose Jive and NOT any of the others.


  • In the iOS Apps Store for iPhone, you may also see multiple apps. Choose Jive Mobile and NOT the others. 2016-08-02_jive-iphoneapp.png


  • To access the ACS Network, enter the URL (


The mobile app will allow you to see content being posted to the ACS Network and to Like, Follow, Share and Comment on it. In addition to searching for content, you can search for other users, and groups and forums (i.e. places).  You should be able to see the content associated with this place or user.

The current mobile app has some limitations. Although you can search for another user, you cannot friend (add them to your contacts).  You also can only generate new status updates and discussions. It does not allow for the creation of other types of content.

We are testing the next version of the mobile and will update this document as it becomes available.

3..As described in Creating Content By Email, content can be created via email. If you set your preferences to receive email notifications, you can also reply to (i.e. comment on) most of the content by email as well, assuming you can access email via your mobile device.