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Are you a Facebook user? How to set up your ACS Network 'wall'

Are you a Facebook user? How to set up your ACS Network 'wall'

Many of our users are probably familiar with Facebook, but did you know that we have a page that works very similarly to the Facebook wall.

If you go to Your Activity Page (, you will see a place to enter your status update. Then you will activity around content you are following. This content might include new discussion and documents in groups or forums or by peopel you are following. It also lists latest likes and other social news that might be of interest to you.

Of course, if you want to see more or less content, you can select "All Content" to see everything posted on the Network, or you can choose to hide content so it doesn't appear on your wall. The ACS Network also has some recommendation algorithms so that the system will show you items that it thinks you will find interesting (in the right hand column).


(click on image to see this larger)

You can access the Activity page by clicking on the first icon in the topbar.


Finally, if you like the Activity page, you may choose to make it be the page that appears when you login.  Go to your preferences page, and the first option will alow you to select your landing page.

preference_landing page.png

We welcome your questions or comments on this.