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Building Your Network: Making Connections

Building Your Network: Making Connections

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The ACS Network allows you to make connections by following others and having others follow you. Following someone is not mutually exclusive- you may follow others without them following you back and vice versa. You can then other users Direct Messages and view their network of friends so long as their profile privacy settings are not restricted.

Go to the profile page of the person you would like to add as a connection and select Follow, then check the box Following. The follow button itself will switch to read Following.


The user will be notified when you follow them. They then have the choice to follow you back. If they do, you will then be considered a "connection".


You may unfollow a connection at any time.

As you begin to develop your list of contacts, you may label and sort them. From your profile page, click on More, followed by People. Here you will see a list of those you follow as well as those who are following you. You may send your connections direct messages or start private discussions with them.