Collaborating with Uploaded Files

Collaborating with Uploaded Files

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The Network is an ideal place to post documents for review or archival purposes. Once uploaded, the system will generate a flash-based version of this document. The previewer allows users to turn pages, zoom, search, and create inline comments.

The ACS Network has the ability to share documents and other file types created in other programs. These include MS Office (Word, PowerPoint and Excel) as well as PDFs and images. The only file type that is currently excluded is HTML files.

To create an uploaded document:

  • Click on the pencil icon in the top right corner of your screen and select Files.
  • Select the file(s) you would like to upload. Click the outlined box to open a file browser for you computer. Select your files and either click Open or simply drag and drop the files into the outlined box.
  • Rename your file as you'd like it to appear in the Network. You can optionally add a description of the file as well.
  • Select the place (a forum or group) where you would like to upload this file. If this is a personal file, you can set the visibility so that only you can see the document. You may designate the document open to all users or just a select few.
  • Finally, add categories, if applicable, and tags to help your content be found.


For any document you can set Advanced Options which allow you to restrict who can edit, require approval of changes to the document, and restrict comments.


When you select Publish, the file(s) will be uploaded from your computer. After a few moments, they can be seen from the browser. The file(s) will be accessible for download by anyone with access to the content page.


At the top right of the content page is a place to "Like" the file. At the top as well as the bottom of the document is a place to add comments or view the in-line comments. Comments are good tools when a committee is reviewing a set of documents (e.g. a set of grant applications).