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Creating Content By Email

Creating Content By Email

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As many of you know, you can respond to discussions and comments via email. However, did you know it is almost as easy to create content via email? The trick is to plan where you want to add the content.

If there is a particular group or forum you are following and would like to post to, go to that space and look for "Create by email" in the Actions box on the right side of the page.


If you are in a forum or group you will be presented with instructions in a popup menu that looks like the image below.


If you are on your profile page, you may select "Actions" from your profile page and then "Create content by email."


You may also personal tasks, bookmarks, private documents or private discussions via email. You may also post a status update or private idea via email as well.


The vCard gives you an email address to send this new content. Essentially, this specific address indicates the place and type of content you want to generate. You may find this to be useful if you have a blog or you are active in a group.

To help you leverage this functionality, the email addresses for the content are included below.  You can send different types of content to these links and they will appear in the Network. Remember that the Network will recognize you by your email address so make sure the email address on your ACS ID (your login) matches the one you are sending from.

For Your Personal Content:

For Groups:

Where "groupname" is the name of your group as seen in your url i.e.  Please note that some groups will not allow all of these pieces of content to be created in them.

For forums, the email addresses are:

Where "forumname" is the name of the forum as seen in the URL If you are sending content to a subforum,  the forumname = forumname-subforumname where the URL is

You can click on the links in this document, but remember to insert the name of your group or forum into them before sending.

*Remember: If you receive email notifications for a discussion, blog, group forum, person, you can respond to the email and your post will automatically be posted without having to actually log into the network.  This means you can participate via email from your mobile device.