Creating Content by Email

Creating Content via Email

There might be times when you want to post content to the Network but you are away from your computer.  You can actually post content directly to the Network via email. It’s easy – all you have to do is send an email to an address associated with that particular place and content type from the email address that is associated with your account.  The Subject line of the email becomes the title of the document or discussion and the body of the email becomes the body of the discussion, document, or blog post.

Listed below are examples email addresses for creating content. Alternatively, you may look in any forum or group for a link in the Actions box entitled “Create by email”. It should bring up a box that has links for that particular place. NOTE: There is a bug when the Recent Content widget is in the center column of the home page and the Create Content link in the Actions box does not work.  You may still create content using the  email addresses described below.

Personal content  (associated with you and not a particular place):

For forums that have a URL structure of

If the URL of the forum has multiple levels, i.e. it is a subforum and the URL is

the forum_name becomes "forum-subforum" and the email address becomes

Example: Paying It Forward Forum  -

To start a discussion:

If the forum URL is hyphenated, an extra hypen is added between the two words in the URL that are hyphenated.

Example : Chemical Entrepeneurs

To start a discussion:


Where group_name is the group name as defined in the URL. (  Hyphenated group names follow the convention described for forums wiht hyphenated names.