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Documents Created In the ACS Network

Documents Created In the ACS Network

In the ACS Network, one can start a document, Document is the term for any type of file that you might want to upload including images, powerpoint presentations, videos, as well as Word documents. In addition, you may create an online document, which in essence is a wiki document.

All of these documents can be edited by other network users.. You can set who you want to have access by selecting "Manage Collaboration" in the Action box (on the left).   The document owner may select who may edit, who may approve, and who may comment on the document.

Users can easily edit the document by selecting "Edit Document" from the Action Box. The ACS Network also manages versions, so you can track what changes were made when. Simply click on the magnifying glasss in the upper right hand portion of this document to compare the document side by side or in a single document.

edit doc mag glass.jpg

If you're collaborating on document in a private or secret group, you can choose to "Move document" to a public group or forum once all of the  collaborators have approved the final document.

Things to remember about documents:

  • They must be placed into a content bucket, i.e. either a forum or a group.
  • Remember to tag your documents.. Add meaningful words that might be used when searching for the documents.
  • You can receive email notifications to let you know when changes are made