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Engage Your Society in the ACS Network

Engage Your Society in the ACS Network

Two years ago, ACS introduced the ACS Network as a social media and professional networking platform to foster online collaboration among chemists and with other science practitioners.  Throughout its first twenty-four months, it has evolved significantly and grown in popularity. 

This past summer, we completed the most significant upgrade yet to the ACS Network.  New and improved functionality adds state-of-the-art social networking tools such as: bookmarking, status updates, in-system messaging, private discussions, and document sharing to the existing cache of ACS Network Communities tools.  In addition, we have implemented enhanced profile-building tools and “friending” capabilities to help you build your professional network.

With these recent changes, the ACS Network has become a more powerful online community building tool that makes it easier for you to locate people, information and opportunities. The ACS Network provides the platform for ACS members and the global chemistry community to interact easily within a trusted community.  It is an ideal place to collaborate on projects, convene groups, plan activities, and discuss topics within private or open forums.

I hope you take this opportunity to engage with your Society like never before.