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Friending in the Network

Friending in the Network

What's New with Friends?

  • --Only your friends can see your list of friends. You might want to  look at who your friends are connected with and connect with them as  well.
  • --You can add labels to your friends and use those labels to sort your friends. Then you can email these groups of friends.
  • --In your Friends list, you can see their recent activity or choose to receive an email alert when a friend posts.

With this improvement, the way you find and make friends has changed.

How do I friend someone I know is in the Network.

In order to friend a person you must be Logged In and you must go that user's profile. On the right side of the page is a button that says "Add User as a friend".  You will have the option to add a personalized message.


Once they accept your invitation to be a friend, that part of their profile will say "User is your friend (hooray!).

a. How to login? There should be a button at the very top of the page that says "Login".  Clicking on that should take you to a login page where you use your ACS ID and password, i.e. the same credentials to log into, or


b. How to find a user's profile? You can find a user's profile in several ways:

    • Click on their name anywhere it appears in relation to content they have created or commented on. Their name should be hyperlinked to their profile.
    • Use the Jive Search box to search on their name      
    • Browse for them in the pull down menu.   This brings up a page rich with filtering options. 


Anyway, I hope this helps you understand better how to find and make connections on the ACS Network. If you have any questions, please feel free to post them here.