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Going Somewhere? Take the ACS Network with You

Going Somewhere? Take the ACS Network with You

Earlier this summer, ACS unveiled a mobile application for the ACS Network.  Like most mobile apps, the ACS Network app allows you to do the most important things on the ACS Network: view, comment and start discussions, post status updates and follow the activity of your friends and in your groups.   However, unlike other apps that you download from an apps store, the ACS Network App is web-based.  All you need to do is go to and bookmark the URL on  your mobile device.   As a web-based app, new functionality can be delivered to the end users without requiring updates like traditional apps. 

Go to  to install the app. Then bookmark the app on your mobile device:

iPhone (from Safari)

  1. Tap the bookmark icon.  
  2. Choose "Add  to Homescreen". 

  Android (from your browser) 

  1. Press Menu 
  2. Select Add Bookmark.  
  3. Press Menu again,  Select  Bookmark 
  4. Long press the ACS Network Bookmark and  Select “Add Shortcut to Home”

BlackBerry (from the browser)

  1. Tap the Globe icon at the top of the screen. 
  2. Tap "Add to Homescreen".


You should add this to the main screen. I had to dig around and finally log into my ACS Network account before I could find this information.

Thanks Bevin,  We have a link to this discussion on the main communities pages   We're working on some new promotions, as well.  I hope that you're finding the mobile app to be a useful tool.


The iPhone instructions aren't entirely accurate. You have to tap the "Send" icon and then tap "Add to Home Screen"

Good  information  for  my  NetWork  with  ACS .  Sergey Yatsenko   ...

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