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If You See Spam...(you can help)

If You See Spam...(you can help)

I just deleted about a dozen posts this morning that advertised a dietary supplement. I had deleted a few last week, but I discovered today that quite a few postings got by me. We usually have some technology to stop a lot of this. I changed a couple settings and hopefully we will no longer see these types of postings.

Why do they spam the ACS Network? These postings are usually an attempt to raise a product's standing in search. It has a lot to do with the number of links into a site.

Because these postings are obviousy spam, we are not notifying the user. We are taking full-blown action where their account and all their content (usually one post) is deleted.

If you happen to see spam, please report it as abuse. That action will mark the content for moderation and someone will delete or at least hide the content.  We want to keep the content on the ACS Network relevant to its users.  Thanks!

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