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Is it possible to make subcategories?

Is it possible to make subcategories?

My local section exec board is using ACS network as a private group to organize and archive our LS work.  I have a category set up for a project I run each year.  Is there a way to make subcategories?  For example, "2017 applications" or "2017 budget"? 

I know I can tag things, but for archival purposes, it would be helpful some substructure -- like folders on a computer drive.  It prompts the memory on things I do periodically, but also infrequently.  I don't always remember what I tag I used or may realize later a better tag to use.  Also, there are lots of opportunities for misspellings! So doing a query each time I want to find a doc seems not ideal. 




Sarah -

Great question! Unfortunately, categories are not folders and subcategories cannot be created.

What i recommend is creating categories like “budget” and “applications” and then add the tag for the year. That will allow you to access all applications and then filter by year, although with the filtering menu, you can show items chronologically within a category.  Don’t forget that you can assign multiple categories for the same content. The trick is to think about the different ways that users might want to find specific content.

If you would like, we can chat on the phone. Send me an email to and let me know if you are interested.


Hi Sarah,

Thanks for reaching out! Currently, ACS Network doesn't support subcategories, but your feedback about the need for more structured organization is noted. In the meantime, using clear and consistent tagging conventions can help with archival and retrieval. Feel free to explore any other Invisible Text features or tools that could assist with your organization needs within the platform.