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It's Here - ACS Network 2.0

It's Here - ACS Network 2.0

As you can see, the ACS Network has undergone some major change. Not only have we updated the look and feel, we have migrated the profiles to a new platform which has allowed us to introduce many new and enhanced functionalities.

Many of us who worked on this project are recovering from the long hours or are still working through some of the minor bugs. Still we thought it would be important to point out some changes, especially around your profile.

The first change you may notice is that your profile picture has disappeared. Due to the change in technology, we felt that migrating your old photos would not work and that most users would prefer customizing their profile images and avatars.  You can find a link in the Action box on your profile page.

Another change is that your publications, education, and experience are more of a hybrid between profile information and social content. It is more easy to share this information, to tag it, and to search it. In addition, members of the Network who are coauthors on a publication can linked.

You will also have access to private messaging through the Network to other users. You can also add bookmarks of sites you would like to keep f or yourself or share with others.

I will writer more about the enhancements in the near future. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to post them as a comment to this post or as a question in the General Forum & Suggestions.

Stay cool and enjoy!  


excellent initiative

This is realy cool - I use the same Web 2.0 tool at work. You are doing a great job of customizing the spaces.