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More about promoting yourself on the Network

More about promoting yourself on the Network

If you were part of the ACS Network prior to our July 22nd migration and upgrade, you may remember that your profile had tabs to contain information about your Education, Experience, Publications, ACS Activities and Links.  In migrating, you ACS Activities is now listed in your profile (as a single field).

Your Education, Experience, and Publications have been recreated in a way that make them a hybrid of social content. This means that they are taggable and searchable, but we decided not to make them commentable. Tabs for them appear separate from your 'profile' and they also appear under "Your Stuff". (click on image to enlarge)


Because this is social content, your changes to this type of content may appear on certain pages including the  "Recent Activity" section on your main profile page.


The Education and Publication entries have more fields to help better describe your research.  In Education, there is a description field and in Publcations, there is a field for an abstract. In addition, you may now link coauthors to your publications with other ACS Network users.  When entering a publication, enter their name, and your coauthor can either approve or reject your request to be listed as a coauthor. As a coauthor, the publication will appear associated with both users.

Now some of you folks have a large number of publications and entering them into the Network one at a time is not something you want to do. If you already have a CV prepared as a downloadable document, here is what I suggest you do.

  • Upload your CV into "My Documents". This means the document is associated with you and not any forum or group.
  • Copy the URL
  • Create a publication called "My CV" or something like that.
  • Enter the URL in either the citation information and/or the Address (URL) fields. You might also describe the CV. An example might be "Analytical Chemist with more than 25 patents and 75 publications and 80 presentations."
  • Then you could move it up to the top of your list

You could also do something similar in the education field if you wanted as well.

We realize that this isn't idea.. but we think it is a pretty good solution as the bulk of a CV is usually publication information  There isn't a right or wrong here, so we would love to hear if folks have found other ways to promote themselves.