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Navigating the ACS Network

Navigating the ACS Network

Global Navigation - On every page users will see the following top-level navigation. (click on image to enlarge).


Personal Menu- allows access to the user's profile, email preferences, content, and spaces (i.e. forums and groups). Add-Ons, Jive Help, and Tools are part of the menu as required by Jive, the software company who created the platform but are typically not used by our community.


In any forum and group, there is secondary navigation only applies to the that particular forum or group (I.e. space).  Some of the navigation is auto-generated by the system.


Here are what the terms mean:

  • Overview: equivalent to a forum/group's homepage
  • Content: A place to see all content contained within this forum/group
  • Images: image gallery
  • People: users who belong to the group or are following the forum
  • Events : a calendar
  • Follow: is a way to receive notifications when content is updated
  • Actions: A create menu, sharing, and create by email

Other terms you may see:

  • Activity: the most recent activity (content created, updated, etc.) in this forum or group
  • Projects: any projects associated with this group or forum

In addition, in some groups or forums may create their own pages and their names would appear in this navigation on the far left.