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Photos and Photo Albums

Photos and Photo Albums

*Note - You may click on images to enlarge

Photos can be shared on the ACS Network by uploading them onto a specific Photo Album. Albums are a way to group your photos. Individual photos and albums can be tagged, liked, followed, shared, and be commented on.

To Create an Album

As with any other social content, there are two ways to create a Photo Album. Note, that photos must be uploaded to an album.

Click on Create a photo album in the Actions Box or Click on Create in the user bar, then Photo Album in the menu.


Complete the form to create the album.


To Add Photos

If you are not asked to add photos to the album, you can go to the album and add them by selecting "Add Photos" in the Actions box.


You will then be presented with this menu.


Navigating the Album

Once your photo album is created you will see thumbnails of your photos. You can set how many thumbnails appear on a page. You can also delete, edit the caption and tags, and set a particular photo as the cover photo for the album.


Navigating individual photos

If you click on a thumbnail, a larger image appears.


If you select "view original image" a larger image overlays the page. You may close this image by clicking on the X in the upper right hand corner of the image.

Widgets, etc.

If you are a group owner, you can add widgets on the overview page of your group.

These include:

Featured Photos - allows you to show a specified number of photos from a particular photo album.

Recent Photos - allows you to show either recently updated photos or recently updated photo albums within the group.

Whenever a photo is added or an album is created, the album will show up in the Recent Content widget of the group.

Previous Community Member

How do I insert a link to a Flickr photo page?

The widget at the top of the Division of Chemical Information group says I should just insert the Flickr URL but upon publishing there's just a dead URL (you can't just click on it.)

Ideally I would like thumbnails in the display window based on the FLickr URL.

Hi Graham.

I checked the page and it appears that the only the URL was pasted into the HTML box. If using an HTML box, you need to include HTML code to make the link active. Using the Formatted Text box will allow you to more easily link the text without knowing HTML.

I think your group was embedding code from this application which shows thumbnails based on a tag for photos within Flickr. You can get the code by going to CoolIris Express at  You enter the information and it will generate the correct code. Copy and paste this code into the HTML box, and it should display the a nice little slideshow of pics from Flickr.

Previous Community Member

I was unable to get the cooliris code to work for our Flickr pictures. The pasted HTML didn’t take. See

just so folks know, i think CoolIris isn't being supported anymore. I think we will have to find another widget.

Hi Christine,

I noticed that creating/viewing photo albums under a group seems very different from how one would create an album under one's individual/personal ACS Network profile.  Is there a way to create a group photo album that would look just like the one under my individual profile?  Also, I noticed that one can only share their personal photo album with other people, is there a way to share it with one's group?

Thank you,


I guess i don't think of your profiles as a personal album, but I suppose they do appear that way. The profile images uses a specific functionality built into the core product we are licensing from Jive.  The photo albums we currently have are a plugin that we are licensing and operates somewhat separately from the profiles.  I'm not sure if/when they will update the plugin.

So in other words, the answer is no, not really.

It might help to realize that a group is space where you place content. Your profile pictures are already in your personal space. Your selections in Edit Profile>Privacy menu will set who can see the profile images.

I'll keep looking at this, and let you know if i find out anything else new.