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Problem Resending Group Invitations

Problem Resending Group Invitations

I created a group for the Member Advocacy subcommittee of CCPA and sent out invitations to the group members,  Some of the members joined the group, but some did not, so I wanted to present the invitations.  The last time I tried (a few weeks ago), I was not able to -- I got an "unexpected error". The only way I could resent the invitation was to delete the original invitation and create a new invitation -- which I did.  When I tried today to resent invitations, I again got an "unexpected error" if I tried to resent send them all at once or a message saying the invitation could not be sent if I tried to resent them one by one.  Is there a problem in the system?



it sounds like there might be a problem with your group. I'll have to file a ticket with our vendor.

In the meantime, once users are invited, the system should know they are invited and you can send them a link via your regular mail. There isn't anything really special about the email, except that the process tells the system who should have access.

Give that a try and see if that works.


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The "solution" of using one's personal email doesn't really work since we cannot see what the specific email other users have in the ACS Network. Since many members have multiple emails, we would have to send emails to all possible emails that a member has (that we are aware of, hoping for a match) and then they would have to make sure they were logging into the system with the one that matches their ACS profile. It is already a tedious process to match the names that come up in the invitation selection process and the actual user. For example, there are multiple Lauren Jackson in ACS. Through the invitation process, it just gives the names, some with middle initials, some with capitals, etc to differentiate; however, you must leave the invitation process to search the network for Lauren Jackson to identify exactly which way the name is designated that corresponds to the Lauren that is a member of AGFD and works for the FDA.

I have experienced almost exactly this same problem with the AGFD Officers and Committee Member group, so it is not isolated to the Member Advocacy subcommittee of CCPA group. It really is a hassle especially since some members have similar names and you have to go out of the invitation system to look up which specific "name" matches who you want to include. The solution offered doesn't work since the emails in the Network are not revealed.

Here's the response I got from ACSNetworkFeedback:

From: ACSNetworkFeedback <>

Subject: RE: unexpected error

Date: May 23, 2014 at 5:01:36 PM EDT


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We're having the vendor take a look at this error now.

In the meantime, once users are invited, you can send them a link to the group via regular mail, the invitation emails generated from the system don't have any special coding in them.  As long as they are logging in to the Network with the same account as you have invited, they will  be able to accept the invitation from the group's page.

Thanks for your patience while we correct that error. Have a great holiday weekend!

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From: Kathryn Deibler

Sent: Friday, May 23, 2014 5:37 AM

To: ACSNetworkFeedback

Subject: unexpected error

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Every time I try to resend invitations in a group - the AGFD Officers and Committee Group - I get an error. This has been happening for a couple of months now. Today I got a page with the message "unexpected error" when I select all from the open invitation list. When I try the resend button next to any of the individuals, with or without the box checked, I get a pop-up type message saying "There was a problem resending the invitation". It has been are real nuisance to have to keep going through the whole process of creating new invitation. Please let me know when this error in the script is fixed.

Best regards,

Kathryn Deibler

AGFD Chair-Elect

Actually, it doesn't matter what email you send the link to if you are using an external email program. It can be their business or personal email. The actual process of initially inviting a user via their ACS ID/ACS Network profile tells the system which ID (or email) to let into the groups. Once they are invited initially, a link to the group can be sent via regular email or any other form of communication.  Invited users will go to the link you send them, log in with their ID and should be recognized.

I think we need to suggest that people put in a profile pic/avatar so it becomes easier to be identified for invitations, etc.

I just tried to resend invitations to the AGFD Officers and Committee group ( or with CCPA (  and I didn't get the error. If you are still seeing it, please let know what browser you are using.  I went to Manage>Members>Open Invitations and could see and resend invitations from there. 

Connie Murphy

Christopher McCarthy

I just tried the whole series of attempts previously described and continue to get the same error messages - if I try to select multiple names, it directs me to a new page with an error message and if I select the button next to one name, it flashes the error message for a very brief moment in a red box.

I use Firefox 30.0.

I do not think people will be inclined to add profile pictures, for many reason. What percent of the ACS Network members actually have profile pictures? What percent of those who have ever logged in have a pictures? Only count volunteers, not ACS staff members. From my experience in the system, I would expect that this is a very small number. I think it is far more likely to adjust the code to meet the members' needs than to have the members' adjust their behavior to meet the system's needs.

How did you attempt to resend the invitations? DId you go to the menu under Manage>Members then select Open invitations?  If you go to the Open Invitations menu, there is a button that allows you to resend a previously sent invitation. Did you use that?

Hello Christine,

Yes, I tried this method and the other previous described methods and all resulted in the various described errors.

After discussing with our vendor, we have identified this as a known bug. I believe it should be remedied as we upgrade later this summer.

The workaround of sending a reminder (re-invite) to an email shouldn't be a problem. Your group already knows who should be able to get in (which accounts) to let in.

If you need additional help, let me know.

Have a good weekend.