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RIS files and uploading multiple publication citations

RIS files and uploading multiple publication citations

The ACS Network now has the ability to upload information for multiple publications using the standard RIS file format. RIS is a standardized tagged format which allows different citation programs to exchange data. Many scientific publishers allow users to search and export their publications as an RIS formatted file.

How to create an RIS file from ACS Publications

Many publishers allow users to download a citation file in RIS format. For example purposes, we are showing how to create one from the ACS Publications website ( The downloading protocol for other publishers may vary.

  1. Go to Run a search using your last name.
  2. Choose the citations in the search results that you wish to include in the upload file.
  3. Select Download Citations. [Click on image to see it larger.]


4. On the next page, choose RIS for the format and include citation and abstract information (if it exists). Then download the citation file to your computer.


Uploading the RIS File to your Publications on the ACS Network

  1. Go to your profile on the ACS Network (i.e. log in and click on your name).
  2. Select Publications, then Upload an RIS Citation File.


3. Upload your RIS file.


4. Confirm the citations.You may want to connect some of your publications with another author who is also within the Network,


After confirming your publications, the entire list of your Publications is available. You may reorder them (see arrows to the right) or edit each one for additional information (by clicking on name of publication then the Edit in the Actions Box).