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Status Updates

Status Updates

One of the most frequently asked questions that we receive is "What is a Status Update" and "How Do I Update My Status."    A Status Update is a way to tell other what your doing, what your working on, or where you are.  For instance you might want to post a status update that says,"I'm working in the lab" ,"I'm getting ready for National Chemistry Week" or, "I'm on vacation and I won't be responding to posts until 10/1". 

It's easy to update your status.  Simply click on your name on the User Task Bar; this action will take you to your profile as shown below. Input your status in the in the text box under your name and click update. 

You will need to be logged into the ACS Network in order to update your status.   The login link appears at the top of every ACS Network page.

Status Updates.png

Previous Community Member

Hi Mark,

I had some trouble with this as well. It would be helpful to have text saying "Update Status" to guide users who link in from their 'ACS Network Update' message.

Thanks, -Graham-

I also only just found the way to "status".    I am currently examining a way to use alkali metal bisulfites to sequester carbon dioxide using the old technology which EPA seems to have rejected.  Based on the EPA's record it would seem to be a very economic process and worth persuing, if we can complete the recycle of the reagent without using technology like conventional electrolytic cells.

Brian Davis

Perhaps a box on the home page under the user's name could be titled "set status" for folks to click on.

From the number of questions about 'set status' there is something quite wrong with the current method.


Thanks for the suggestion.  Right now, the easiet way to post a status update it by selectiing  "Update" from the "New" dropdown menu on the User Task Bar.

Thank you for the rapid response Mark,

I must be missing something in my search of the ACS web pages to get to

the 'dropdown menu' that you suggest.

On the "welcome, George Haus page" above the "Join ACS" bar, I see;

ACS Network | Store | ...etc

Below that is the bar of;

Publications v Meetings v Membership ...etc

At the bottom of the page are the "dropdowns" of;

My ACS Member Benefits Engage Emerging Science ....etc

But I'm not too sure what the "new" dropdown menu is or how to get to

it. I do not see a heading of "Update" on any of these.

Sorry to be such a dud on doing this.



George, It sounds like you're at the main page for instead of being in the ACS Network.  You can get to the network two ways: 1. or 2. click the ACS Network at the top of the page. 


Thank you Mark,

Found it. Did post an update, hope that works.


I agree with George Haus - there is no "update" box or heading.  This is a very misleading web page!

Once again, the guide to updating "status" does not match reality.  Every time I want to update status, I have to dig and dig in the help files.  There is no box under my name after I click on my name.  There is no ""(update)" hyperlink at the end of my current status.  VERY frustrating.

Ken, you are quite correct. The system has undergone several upgrades since this blog post was written and unfortunately, status updates have changed.

We are currently looking at updating some of this information. In the meantime, the best way to find and update your status is to go go your Activity page ( which can be accessed by the first icon on the left at the very top. (It looks like a graph of a heartbeat.) [note: click on image to expand]


This page shows you what your last status update was and gives you a box to update it. This page, by the way, is probably the equivalent to the Facebook newsfeed, where it includes information about users, content, and places you are following.


We appreciate your feedback and hope this helps. Again, we realize we need to update a lot of this help content.

Previous Community Member

I still can't figure out how to update my status and I need to for the ACS meeting.


Here are the three ways to do it.

1. Click on the first icon in the top bar or go to Activity | ACS Network. (If you are logged in you shoudl get your Activity page and the first box which says "What's going on" is your status box that you can fill in.

2. Go to Create in the top bar, and then select Status Update.

3. Send an email to from the email account that is associated with your ACS Network ID.

I hope this helps.  I did recently create a document to explain this. and I'm working on creating a toolkit/index page of all these help documents.

Let me know if you continue to have problems.



Previous Community Member

Thanks much.

Please recommend a clear button\link\icon next to the Status line in the users home page or home view.

Regards, -Graham-