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Tagging and Categories

Tagging and Categories

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Tags are key words or phrases that sort or locate content in the ACS Network. Tags can be any word(s) or phrase(s) that the author believes will help users locate their content in the ACS Network. The system may suggest previous tags by auto-filling as you begin to type in a tag, but the author gets to select the final wording that will help the user find their content. Tagging can be applied to documents, discussions, bookmarks, videos, photos, etc.; as well as groups or your profile.

Tagging content as you create or edit it is highly recommended. Content is much easier to find and sort if it is categorized or tagged.

How To Use and Display Tags Effectively

A tag cloud is a list of the most popular tags. The popularity of tags is determined by their use to identify content on the network. The top used word will be in a larger font as seen below.  You may display a list of the most popular tags on a group overview page using the popular tag widget.

Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 12.53.17 PM.png

There is also a widget to display groups or content tagged with a specific term.

Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 12.56.40 PM.png


Categories represent a series of tags. If you are setting up categories in a group, you may add content to categories based on their existing tags. Categories are thus, a broader way to organize content.

Category FAQs

  • The symbol for a category is a folder icon.
  • Content may exist in multiple categories.
  • The category widget displays all the categories within a group.


How to create/manage categories

If you are a group owner or have admin rights to a forum, you may set up categories for that particular place.

Select Categories in the Manage menu.


You will see what categories exist and have the option to add new or remove old ones.


When you add a category, you can add tags that are related to that category. The ACS Network will recommend categories to users based on  tags you used when you set up a category. In addition, existing content on the network that is tagged with applicable words related to the new category will be automatically placed into that category. (This cannot be done after the category is created.)


Category Widgets

As a group owner/admin, you can add the category widget, listed as other widget, to your overview page to display the categories for the group.The category widget display is dependent on whether a wide* versus a narrow column is selected.


*The wide widget doesn't always align properly depending on the width of the column it is placed in on the overview page.